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I just want to keep everyone aware of the current status of their matters given the current Court closures and anticipated limitation on services to be offered by the Court.

The most recent information we have received from the Los Angeles County Superior Courts is attached for your information. Basically, only Emergency matters will be heard at this time. Starting Friday March 20, 2020, both Los Angeles and Ventura County Courts (which are currently closed) will have limited operations. Most matters are being continued by the court for at least thirty days, but even that situation is fluid. Domestic Violence TRO’s and Emergency Ex Parte Custody proceedings will be given priority and will be able to proceed starting next week. Trials, RFO Hearings and other non-emergency proceedings are going to be continued by the court. All courts will remain closed except for these limited purposes until at least April 17, 2020.

We are waiting for further instructions from Ventura County as well. As of today, they are following the same procedures as Los Angeles County.

We have not yet received word from the court on how they are going to process new filings, such as support RFO’s and the like.
There is an alternative to waiting for the courts to reopen. Many of our clients have opted for “Private Judging” using one of two different groups of retired L.A. County Family Law Judges and Commissioners who work under Signature Resolution Group or ARC. Both have offices in downtown and Century City. While it costs to hire a Private Judge, I have found that over the years, in the long run, using Retired Judges as a Judge Pro Tem for your case can be substantially less expensive and far more efficient than waiting around in Court for your matter to be heard. Moving to Private Judging requires the consent of both parties. If your case is not already in Private Judging, and you think it might be best for you, please give me a call and we can discuss the options without charge.

Stay safe!


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Our Areas of Expertise include not only divorce and separation, but matters involving spousal support and community property, child custody and visitation, paternity, domestic violence restraining orders, and dissolution of domestic partnerships. We are experts in the areas of non-traditional family/parental rights, including same-sex divorce and grandparent rights, having helped numerous families provide a safe and loving environment for the children in their lives. Our attorneys are also skilled at drafting pre and post-nuptial agreements.

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