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Los Angeles and Ventura County Collaborative-Mediation Attorney

At the Law Offices of Leon F. Bennett, we understand the benefits of preserving amicable relationships between former family members. When possible, we offer clients services as experienced Collaborative Lawyers and Mediators. In a Divorce or other Family Law proceeding, the Collaborative Law Process offers the parties a Multi-Disciplinary approach to resolving disputes with the added commitment of out going to court.  You and your spouse, and your collaboratively trained mediator attorneys, sit down together and attempt to resolve disputes in the privacy of our offices.

When the situation calls for it, Neutral Financial Experts and/or Child Specialists for child custody cases and/or Communications Coaches join the Collaborative-Mediation Team. The Collaborative-Mediation Team works as a unit to help the Family move forward based upon common goals and aspirations.

Collaborative Law-Mediation is often preferable thanks to several inherent circumstances:

  • Confidentiality
  • Greater informality
  • Less costly
  • Less time-consuming than traditional litigation

In addition, Collaborative-Mediation allows the parties and their collaborative team to work together to find solutions, rather than creating an adversarial situation.

Why Choose Collaborative-Mediation?

Even outside of divorce litigation, couples may still find difficulty negotiating the often-complex details of the divorce, and that’s where the Law Offices of Leon F. Bennett will help guide you through the Collaborative-Mediation process. Collaborative-Mediation is like Divorce Meditation, but Collaborative-Mediation requires both parties be represented by an mediator attorney, whereas mediation does not. Thus, the Collaborative-Mediation process is not presided over by a third-party Mediator.

In the Collaborative-Mediation process, the representing attorneys help guide the couple through some of the more complex issues that the spouses are finding difficult to agree upon. By choosing collaboration, clients allow attorneys to assist them in resolving conflict by using cooperative techniques and respectful negotiation rather than adversarial strategies and costly litigation. If need be, our attorneys will retain experts in any necessary field from accountants to child custody specialists and psychologists, who will support your goals.

Both parties remain in control over the issues with seasoned attorneys present to help navigate the murkier waters. Most importantly, you and your former spouse will truly control the outcome instead of leaving your fate in the hands of a judge when it comes to issues like spousal and child support. The Law Offices of Leon F. Bennett will work with you to achieve your specific goals in the Collaborative-Mediation process.

The divorce and family law team of the Leon Bennett Law Firm has helped families reach mutually agreeable decisions regarding matters of divorce decree, California child custody, spousal support and all other aspects of divorce family law for over 30 years. Call us to arrange a consultation on any aspect of your situation. We’re here to help and find a suitable solution with compassion and closure.

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