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Leon F. Bennett - Divorce Litigation

Los Angeles and Ventura County Divorce Litigation Attorney

Family Law expert Leon F. Bennett and his staff are experienced divorce attorneys with over 35 years of successful practice dedicated to divorce and its many complicated facets. If Divorce Mediation or Divorce Collaboration prove not to be satisfactory options, then the ultimate solution is Litigation which means presenting your case before a judge for final resolution. To get to that ultimate point, we will devise an in-depth legal strategy and game plan to fit your unique situation and circumstances.

Our legal team works with highly skilled professionals including forensic accountants, therapists, investigators, videographers and other experienced specialists who will provide thorough, comprehensive and, when needed, aggressive representation. Our primary goal is to ensure that you and your family achieve positive results, even when faced with the most difficult of situations.

There are many important decisions to consider in your case for a final divorce settlement including:

We seek to foster amicable resolutions whenever possible, especially when children are involved, as we understand the importance of maintaining a working parenting relationship with a former spouse. We are sympathetic to the stress and hardship caused by a divorce, and we assist our clients in formulating a plan to cope with the adversity, often collaborating with counselors, accountants, estate planners, educators and other professionals in the process.

Divorce is obviously a stressful decision to both the adults involved, but also to children, extended family and friends. Every couple’s situation is different, and we will work closely with you to help choose the most painless and sensible solutions for your situation.

Divorce Litigation Strategies

Our divorce litigation strategies also extend to every couple’s specific scenario which can vary based on the makeup of the partnership. We are very much equal-opportunity attorneys who are proud to help a vast array of relationship resolutions including:

Since California is considered a “no fault” state, couples can divorce without blaming one another for ending the marriage which is designed to create a more amicable approach to the divorce proceedings. While our lawyers will always suggest alternative methods of ending a marriage that don’t involve litigation and a judge’s ruling, we recognize that in some cases Collaborative-Mediation just won’t work. Even in litigation, however, the goal is to find a sensible and satisfactory resolution without hostility.

We will handle every step necessary for your individual needs from child and spousal support to custody concerns to property and equity divisions. While divorcing can be a scary and intimidating proposition, the Law Offices of Leon F. Bennett will make the process as painless as possible with the pursuit of a beneficial outcome to our clients.

With over 35 years of experience in the practice of Family Law in Southern California, Leon F. Bennett and his seasoned legal team have helped families reach mutually agreeable decisions regarding matters of divorce, custody, support and the many rights and agreements associated with family law services. Call us to arrange a free consultation on any aspect of your situation. We’re here to help and find a suitable solution with compassion and closure.

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