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Los Angeles and Ventura Divorce Mediation Attorney

At the Law Offices of Leon F. Bennett, we understand the benefits of preserving amicable relationships between former family members. We also understand that while many divorcing couple have difficulty agreeing upon specific aspects of their divorce, many would rather not want to put their future into the hands of a judge.

When possible, we offer clients services as Collaborative-Mediators and Divorce Mediators which offers several benefits:

  • Greater informality
  • Less expensive
  • Less time-consuming to conclusion

In Divorce Mediation, the parties present their case before a neutral third party – the Mediator – who guides them through their issues in hopes of reaching a mutually suitable agreement. Mediation is generally more informal, less costly and less time-consuming than traditional litigation. In addition, Mediation allows the parties to work together to find a solution, rather than creating an adversarial situation with the added commitment of keeping the matter out of court and hoping to solve child custody and child support issues without interrupting your child’s normal life.

Why Choose Divorce Mediation?

A divorce can be complicated, overwhelming and driven by emotion. It can be difficult to see eye-to-eye with your spouse as you try to divide assets, calculate Spousal Support, and/or determine child custody arrangements. While some divorcing couples are able to come to mutually-favorable terms on their own, others need the assistance of an unbiased third party during mediation which requires both parties be represented by their own collaboratively trained attorney. Mediation or Collaborative-Mediation can be a great tool for divorcing couples who can’t agree on the terms of their divorce, but don’t want to put their future in the hands of a judge.

Thus, all decisions are made by the spouses with the Mediator acting as peacemaker to keep the discussions constructive and productive. In the mediation process, the couple maintains control over their situation and strives to keep any enmity out of the dispute.

Mediation is the perfect choice for the couple who agrees they don’t want to spend the time or money on Divorce Litigation and enter into the divorce with a level of understanding and agreement on many issues. For parties who wish to remain on good terms and are committed to negotiating in good faith to reach an equitable settlement, mediation may just be the answer.

It’s also important to learn what happens after the divorce mediation is settled. Understand your options and ways to get your life back to some semblance of normalcy.

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The Law Offices of Leon F. Bennett can help you and your spouse Mediate any dispute and help guide the couple to amicable closure. Mr. Bennett has served as a Mediator for Family Law matters, as well as independent counsel for the review of mediated agreements, for over 30 years.

The divorce and family law team of the Leon Bennett Law Firm has helped families reach mutually agreeable decisions regarding matters of divorce decree, California child custody, spousal support and all other aspects of divorce family law for over 30 years. Call us to arrange a consultation on any aspect of your situation. We’re here to help and find a suitable solution with compassion and closure.